Hope To-Go giveaway will offer free meals to comfort seniors who are sheltering in place.

Cottage Grove Place is helping seniors, some of whom have been sheltering in place for weeks now, maintain a connection to their community with an age-old secret—comfort food.

On April 16th, Cottage Grove will offer free meals to seniors age 65 and older from The Starlite Room as a part of their Hope To-Go giveaway. It’s important that the meals come from a restaurant that residents know and love as a way of lending support to the local food scene.

In an effort to make the giveaway as safe as possible, participating seniors will need to call in advance to schedule a reservation for a hands-free pick-up. Free meals will be given to the first 50 eligible callers.

Seniors interested in a meal can call the Cottage Grove Place reservation line at 319-297-7303 before 4PM on Wednesday, April 15th. Please leave your name and phone number, and a representative will reach out to take your order and schedule your pick-up.

“Loneliness and isolation already take a toll on the senior community, as does food insecurity,” said Potique “Tiki” Johnson, a Life Care Consultant with Cottage Grove Place. “Hope To-Go will help us to combat both these issues while sending a message to our elders that the Cedar Rapids community hasn’t forgotten them.”