Five Reasons To Implement Post-Surgery Rehab

Category News & Blog | Time | Published July 27, 2017

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There’s no hiding the fact that America’s Greatest Generation is aging, a fact we must face head on as they did with the many challenges they faced.

There’s also no denying we want to keep each family member around as long as possible, and as mobile as possible while they are still with us. This is why post-surgery rehab is incredibly important.

  1. To Expedite The Healing Process
    Older patients are at higher risk for immobilizing post-surgery complications if they do not recover correctly through a rehab program. As the body gets older it is more difficult to recover from surgeries such as joint replacement or other common surgeries. This is the most important reason for surgery rehab. In order to heal faster patients are encouraged to work through physical therapy, which can take place as soon as they are in the recovery room! Why is this effective? This type of therapy will stimulate circulation which pumps vital new blood cells directly to the area which just underwent a significant change (surgery). Cottage Grove is an excellent choice for this type of recovery because of the support a patient receives since they are able to do exercises with independence but also have access to a certified Physical Therapist.
  2. To Have an Active Recovery
    All patients want to get well, otherwise, surgery would not take place. Being active in recovery is vitally important both mentally as well as physically. Patients who are invested in their recovery are shown to recover faster! It is also extremely important to talk to your physical therapist about goals you have, and the timeframe you want to have the goal completed.
  3. Prevent Your Loved Ones From Falls During Recovery
    Life at Cottage Grove also prevents loved ones from unexpected falls, and improve upon a residence’s balance if they are at high risk for falling. Physical therapists provide each resident with exercises that carefully and safely challenge them, resulting in a stronger and more stable transition from the recovery room to full mobility. A lineup of assistive devices are always utilized, when necessary, to help with safe and supported transport whether it be walking or running.
  4. Avoid A Hospital Stay
    In many instances, residents are able to avoid surgery all together! Physical therapy may eliminate the need for surgery, in some cases healing an injury by doing specific stretches and exercises which remedy the problem. Even if surgery is required post physical therapy, it is always better to go into a procedure as strong as possible which will make for a speedier recovery.
  5. Reduce The Need For Handfuls of Pills
    If your loved one is suffering from the following conditions they are often treated quickly and effectively with the quality physical therapy Cottage Grove provides, they are cardiopulmonary and Neurological issues such as Pulmonary Fibrosis, Heart Valve Replacement, Post Coronary Bypass Surgery, and Coronary Stent Replacement. The goal at Cottage Grove is to strengthen your heart, increase your endurance and overall strength, which have all been proven to contribute to a quicker recovery. A bonus of undergoing this type of beneficial therapy is that in many cases it reduces the number of medications that are often time needed simply by participating in Cardiopulmonary Physical Therapy. This is an amazing benefit in itself because of the resiliency of the human body, as we are not meant to ingest such a high volume of unnatural chemicals.

A final note on the reduction in medication is that Physical Therapy a Cottage Grove eliminates the need for Opioids, which are highly addictive. Avoiding these drugs is vitally crucial because of the health concerns involved. Physical Therapy at Cottage Grove will help your loved one avoid long-term pain through a concentrated regimen of highly beneficial Physical Therapy.

If you’ve read this far you are obviously very concerned and invested in the health/recovery of someone who needs the assistance of Cottage Grove. They may be going through a difficult time, realizing they are giving up, what seems to them, all of their independence. If there is one thing to remind them of after reading this please let it be that the goal of Cottage Grove is to allow each resident to live as independently as possible. This philosophy is kept in mind when working with each resident, and we know it’s how each family member or friend would want their loved one to be treated.

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